Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Marni for H&M

As I'm sure many of you are aware, it's been confirmed that quirky, off-beat Italian label Marni will officically be collaborating with H&M in February 2012.

Expect bold, tribal prints and strong geometric patterns mixed with sport-chic brights and clashing colours, with fabrics ranging from rich silk to crisp poplin. I for one shall be counting down the days!

Burgundy, forest and dove

There's nothing I love more than an outfit that instantly conjures up images of warm evenings by the fire with a mug of coffee, and my three favourite colours of the moment do just this:
I recently bought a burgundy sweater from Topshop and have been literally unable to take it off since the day I got it. The colour is so rich and delicious, it looks almost edible, and reminds me of mulled wine and christmas puddings.
Forest green is another favourite of mine, and I have fallen in love with a skirt from Zara which I am hoping to purchase after my Christmas present expenses have been taken care of.. I think I am slowly becoming a 'skirt person'!
And finally, dove grey: an all-time favourite of mine. This magnificently versatile, go-with-anything colour takes up about 90% of my wardrobe, and rightly so: in my eyes, an outfit is incomplete without some deep grey accents.
Definitely my top three winter colours!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

There's something about Lindsey

-Wixson, that is. Yes, there's something admirable about the way Miss Wixson has managed to make her gapped teeth and rosebud pout objects of lust for fashion followers worldwide - who wouldn't envy that beautiful face?!
After watching countless backstage interviews, my fondness of Lindsey has grown rapidly. I find there's something endearing and admirable about the tale of her rise to fame - overcoming bullying in middle school and now walking for designers such as Galliano, Versace and Miu Miu, not to mention officially ranking 16th in the Top 50 Female Models List. Lindsey is a true inspiration of mine.

I am in urgent need of some skirts

I must admit that I have never seen myself as a 'skirt person'. Let's not jump to the conclusion that I simply don't own any: I have acquired many garishly floral and brightly coloured skirts over the years, but my lifelong search for the perfect one has remained fruitless.
That is, until today. I was browsing the Topshop website (which has become a daily ritual of mine) and I have created a list of four (yes, FOUR!) skirts which, in my eyes, are absolutely perfect:

Now I'm off to acknowledge my mother of my finds and drop hints like crazy! (Usually I think exclamation marks look stupid and naive at the end of paragraphs, but I thought this was a suitable situation.)

Frida Gustavsson

Ah, Frida - I think I'm in love. After bursting onto the fashion scene in 2009 with that wonderful Valentino appearance, she has since become one of the most talked about models in the industry.
I can't quite pinpoint exactly what it is about the Swedish beauty that is so undeniably captivating - whether it's her down-to-earth attitude, her self-confessed nerdiness, her adorable accent or just her natural, effortless beauty and all-round loveliness. Nevertheless, combining elegance with World of Warcraft, she has managed to secure a place on my ever-growing list of all-time favourite people.